sue & princess. getting 2ed opion. question on abases..

sue wolf <wolffarm4@...>

hello everyone..
princess is holding her own. not much change so far. I'm calling another vet out. shes from the Cleveland equine clinic. 
her name is Emily  she has a blacksmith that only works on lame and  founder horses. I  his name is jeff brown. the blacksmith I have now and like her she said I need to take it up a step and get the very best out to help and see if we can get things better for princess. I did let both of them know that I will not take a back set to this and they both didn't have a problem with it. there coming out on the 25.. I'm hoping that they can help more.. question on abases? princess is having some at the cornery band, can that be from the hoof still not being right on like they need to be?  jeff works on alot of IR and cushing horses, that the ones he see the most having hoof problems,  I hope hes as good as he was talked up to be to me..
Sue & princess

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