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Kerry Isherwood

Hi group,

In the ongoing work-up of my gelding's unexplained hyperinsulinemia, so far bloodwork is normal except for part of the KSU iron panel.  Here are results for both of my IR horses, as both have abnormalities in results:

TOFURKY, 8yo IR gelding

serum iron... 170 ug/dL  (reference range 75-288 ug/dL)
TIBC...  411 ug/dL  (231-455 ug/dL)
ferritin...  340 ng/mL  (43-261 ng/mL)  **HIGH** 

(other bloodwork wnl:  ACTH, CBC, SPEP;  still pending:  lyme multiplex, ehrlichia titer)


PINKY, 21 IR/PPID mare

serum iron...  206 ug/dL  (reference range 75-288 ug/dL)

TIBC...  498 ug/dL   (231-455 ug/dL)  **HIGH**

ferritin...  223 ng/mL   (43-261 ng/mL)


Any quick comments?  I will add results to CHs and search in archives for info on above tests, but pertaining to the gelding's current  hyperinsulinemia, does the iron panel results mean anything significant that I need to do or change asap?

Hopefully the link to Tofurky's CH will work:


Holy crap, I think I finally figured out the CH linking!

Pinky, the mare, is stable at the moment (mercifully), just beginning to increase her pergolide for the seasonal rise.  She has been hyperglycemic and occ PU/PD last few weeks, hence the bump from 1.5mg pergolide to 1.75mg.  I will update her CH asap and include the recheck ACTH once she's 3 weeks on higher dose of Prascend.

Thanks so much,
Kerry in NY
Sept 2014


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