Re: Need link to IR calculator again....

Dee Kenville <ndeewoods@...>

Thanks Lavinia.  I am a bonehead and could not do it myself.  The instructions don't seem to work for me.  This is what it says:
Based on human studies and data from our group member's horses, we have been using the G:I ratio for many years now. It's very easy to do. Simply divide the glucose result in mg/dL by insulin in uIU/mL. (If your insulin is reported in pmol/L you have to convert it to uIU/mL by dividing by 7.1.) numbers  on Bren are Insulin 62.8 pU/mL and Glucose 87 mg/dl 
and for Shasta  Insulin 9.1 pU/mL and Glucose 83 mg/dL  

So...wasn't sure how to do it since my little alphabet letters don't match their instructions. :(

Dee in Santa Cruz, CA


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