Re: Help interpreting iron panel

Kerry Isherwood

....."Tofurky is iron overloaded. ...(cut)... the only way to attack it is by blood withdrawal.".....

>>> Like an old-fashioned 'blood-letting'?  What about leeches, does Uckele sell medical leeches?


Thanks for the response.  I will discontinue my beloved Farrier's Formula and the alfalfa pellets.  I'm getting the new hay analyzed which I'm still soaking, but aside from the long stem hay, is there anything else in Tofurky's diet that should be decreased or removed that would contribute to iron overloading (again, aside from the unknown hay at this point, which of course may change things).  His current diet is:

All mixed together, fed 1x/day:
~3lbs ODTBC soaked into mush
2 scoops SEROQUINE pellets (per Dr. Kellon)
3 1/3 (10g) scoops ALCAR (per Dr. Kellon)
5 mls (2500IU) Vit E in oil (Uckele)
1 oz ground flax (Triple Crown Omega Max)
1 oz iodized salt (refuses to eat more)
1 scoop Pro-lyte (Uckele) electrolytes (on days after hard work)

Are any of the above supps or doses contributing to iron overload?

Also, is it worthwhile to retest the iron panel after dietary adjustments, and if so, how long after changing?

Thanks, always so much to learn...

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