Re: Help interpreting iron panel

Kerry Isherwood


Thanks so much for the info abt soaked hay.  Very interesting.  Unfortunately, the blood sample was drawn while Tofurky was eating unsoaked hay (25% of hay diet) and ODTBC (75% of hay diet).  The analysis on the long-stem hay yielded an iron level of 111ppm (50 mg/lb) as sampled;  122 ppm (56 mg/dL) dry matter.  Assuming there is minimal iron in OCTBC, then the only other sources of iron would have been:

Seroquine pellets (2 scoops)
Farrier's Formula (1/2 cup, adult maintenance, orig formula)
Pro-lyte electrolyte (1 scoop)
ALCAR (10g)
alfalfa pellets (Standlee) ~3lbs

I cannot think of any other ingested foodstuffs that he was receiving (no grass, no treats, etc).  Anyone know if other factors influence ferritin in blood levels (stress, weather, etc)?  I really have got to take the NRC course...

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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