Re: Need link to IR calculator again....


---In EquineCushings@..., <ndeewoods@...> wrote : numbers  on Bren are Insulin 62.8 pU/mL and Glucose 87 mg/dl 
and for Shasta  Insulin 9.1 pU/mL and Glucose 83 mg/dL  

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Your insulin numbers can’t be correct. p stands for pico and means 10-12. To convert pU/mL to µIU/mL (or mIU/L) you’ll have to multiply by 10-6, i.e. I = 62.8 x 10-6 µIU/mL which is an unrealistic low number for insulin.

My guess is that your insulin numbers are in µIU/mL and not in pU/mL.
Sweden July 2008

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