Re: Help interpreting iron panel

Kerry Isherwood

Hi Lars,

Thank you very much for reply. A couple more questions, if I may:

....."Secondly, the iron content in the current diet will only be reflected in serum iron which is pretty low for Tofurky (170 ug/dL)." ....

then i should consider the diet at time of blood draw "ok" in terms of iron intake, which is reflected in serum iron on bloodwork, if Im understanding correctly?
Said another way, serum iron is a snapshot of daily iron intake (roughly) while ferritin reflects the lifetime accumulation in body stores? Is that (painfully) correct?

......"The value to worry about is for ferritin (340 ng/mL) which is a measurement of stored iron in the body. This iron have probably been built up in the body (mostly liver and spleen) during many, many years."....

Aside from blood-letting, as Dr Kellon mentioned, how does one "get rid" of excess ferritin? Ive read that sweating will leach tiny amts of it but its miniscule (however, my gelding does sweat ALOT, so there's hope ;) Will having a tight mineral balance on diet actually reduce ferritin stores, or will it simply just not add to the already high amount?

Thanks again
Kerry in NY
Sept 14

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