Re: Help interpreting iron panel

Kerry Isherwood

Thanks Dr Kellon, very interesting.

....."[tight balancing] seems to allow the body to gradually drop iron stores as it uses them to fulfill iron requirements. It takes at least a year to see any significant changes.".....

that being said, is it worth rechecking ferritin annually (or q18months) on a known IR w history of high levels? Is it worth checking serum iron periodically to assess dietary absorption status? And furthermore, is a serum iron level a useful tool in ascertaining control of IR status?
Maybe im overthinking this...

....."Although it's not something you are likely to see happening in your GP's office, phlebotomy/"blood letting" has been studied and used to reduce iron burden and (snip)".....

when I worked critical care i saw two cases; one an idiopathic polycythemic dog that happily walked around w a daily Hct of 80%. It was always a tense moment when Medicine disposed of the literal liters of beautiful blood and an ECC person walked by and cried "OMG cant we somehow keep it for parvo puppies or something??" Other case wasnt true phlebotomy but involved Surgery showing off their shiny black leeches (meant for a nasty wound) to any new employee or unsuspecting intern. Not cool, even as earrings.
Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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