Re: just discovered my pony may have ppdi or IR :0( help!

Kerry Isherwood

I only have a second altho there is much to say (others will chime in very soon)

As far as your appt on Friday--the lab we use in the states is Cornell Univ (only lab that runs the leptin test). The ACTH (test for PPID) needs specific handling and has to be overnighted on ice packs to yield accurate results. Therefore, its best to have vet draw blood at beginning of week so overnight shipment doesnt get hung up by weekend. (It is poss to draw on a Fri but vet/staff must be knowledgeable of the specific handling & storage of blood samples over weekend). However, it makes sense that the fresher the samples, the more "believable" the results (esp for PPID, which is already difficult to catch in early stages)

Your vet may use a lab other than Cornell, but my point is that rather than waste your money with having to retest due to questionable blood results (not to mention the agony of the prolinged wait period), try to ascertain what lab your vet intends to use, what tests he/she wants to draw, how and when the samples will be handled & sent, what type of fasting is required, etc. Not every vet is up to date with the most current testing protocols, unfortunately.

Other members in Canada will be able to help with what labs and tests etc. Im only familiar with Cornell's requirements

Hang in there, we will help you,

Kerry in NY
Licensed Veterinary Technician
Sept 2014

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