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hello everyone,
it was a very long day for princess and me. the new vet was out shes from Cleveland equine and she has a blacksmith that specialize  in founder hoof issues  horses..
after the x-rays.  I will post them when I get them. she had abases in all different spots in her hoof wall. I did open some up but not all them . there is one close to the coffin bone that we hope we get it before it goes in to the bone.. she has good depth in the sole, the trimming was not to off I did. but I didn't take the toe back as far as he did.. shes now on  previcox-1/2 tab a day for 7 days then down to 1/4 tab a day.. isoxsuprine-10 tabs 2X's a day and on minocycline 10 caps 2X a day..them did a  block on her feet so they could work on her feet.
the blacksmith opened the abases most of her front of one hoof up as much as he could with out harming the support of the hoof and the vet and him open up pathways in the hoof wall were all the infections was as best as they could and disinfected them and washed them out with some kind of a bacteria killer. them she left and the black smith did a little more trimming and made wooden clogs and glued then on her. packed the open spots with some kind of crushed pill and said this will kill any bacteria and go into the hoof and the blood will help clear things up.. then packed it with iodine something else.. and wrapped it.. he did the same with the other hoof. shes now standing better on her hoofs and the block is worn off.. I have to call both of them tomorrow and let them know how she is.the blacksmith is coming back to re-wrap and put some of that stuff in it to help keep killing the infection..the vet took a sample of the infection in the hoof to see what it is just to make sure we have the right stuff to kill it.. don't want to take any chances . the black smith said if the infection does not go to her bone it will take some time but she'll be ok, if it does we have to go to plan B and go from there...  but he said if it did we can still get her going good again... she has some bone lost in her bone (coffin),  but there not worried about it and said they seen worse and the horse was a good as new in 7 months..
the vet wanted a list of everything I was feeding princess and said she would like to see her get a little more protein. but everything was right on and she want to check her later for IR and cushing.. she would like her to be out of pain and moving around on her own better first..
between the vet bill and blacksmith I could of bought another horse..oh well,  it wouldn't be my princess. so on we go.. 
If I have anything to say about it she'll live till a ripe old age..
Sue & princess
oh 6/11

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