Re: Triple Crown 30 -- anyone else having problems with it?

Kerry Isherwood

....."What was/is the ESC + Starch in the hay you were/are feeding at the time when you experienced these crises?".....

hi Kathy,
These occurrences were last year when my mare was severely IR but not yet diagnosed PPID. This is the scenario I mentioned in another recent post/topic whereby I could not get any of my local vets to believe my mare was in fact early PPID (no clinical symptoms, borderline 36.6 ACTH, Cornell), etc until I found she was repeatedly hyperglycemic (in retrospect I believe commercial labs I was using were showing falsely lowered glucose results bc of the collection technique all during the time of mare's diet/exercise refractory IR (late summer '14). All last summer my mare was competing heavily (eventing) & was on soaked grass hay (roughly 8.0% *before* soak) and never more than 7.5% esc+starch bagged/chopped forage (and I weighed every serving down to the ounce!) yet she was still having severe insulin swings due to her as-yet-unknown PPID. Early on during the Summer of Hell as I now call it, my vet advised to add one of the 1-lb all-around 30% protein supps (I tried TC, Poulin's, and McCauley's) and each time had a terrible insulin spike. My mare is one of the cursed ones that cannot handle any fats, or a single bite of grass, any kind of grain product, etc and that is true still today, even with IR well-controlled on pergolide. Im way too gunshy to try one of the products now, and its a moot point anyway, because I would much rather acheive a tight vit/mineral balance with a custom supp blended to augment my hay, rather than blindly hoping im doing the right thing by using an 'all-purpose' supp for fatties like the 30% supps now avail

Hopefully that answers your question. Unfortunately Neo erased my painstakingly detailed CH on my mare and Ive yet to update & repost it.

Kerry in NY
Sept 14

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