Re: Triple Crown 30 -- anyone else having problems with it?

Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Kerry,

" I would much rather acheive a tight vit/mineral balance with a custom supp blended to augment my hay, rather than blindly hoping im doing the right thing by using an 'all-purpose' supp for fatties like the 30% supps now avail"

Not sure if you are currently or have balanced your hay in the past, but these dense feed supplements...i...e..TC 30%  come in handy in some diet balancing situations.  In some cases, they can help provide additional protein, calcium, magnesium and contribute copper and zinc and work as palatable feed base for additional minerals that may be needed based on the hay profile.   Not all of us can balance our hay with a custom supplement so I am glad that there are other products that I can offer an owner to balance their horse's diet.  I think of them as another tool in the diet balancing process and not an "all-purpose supp for fatties".   

So if I am understanding your post your mare was IR and uncontrolled because she was early PPID.  Are you still soaking her hay?  Is she on a custom supplement to balance her hay? Sorry, I am not understanding where you are at with your diet for her......what is the ESC + Starch in her current hay?  You can just write it in a post if you CH is unavailable.

Thank you, 

Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI 10/12


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