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Princess is doing good today her front feed are under her most of the time but when she lays down and gets up she has them out some but not like she did before.. YEA... the vet and blacksmith called and was worried she would be sorer today but shes a trooper and doing better then she was before they worked on her.. shes on the Isoxsuprine  20 mg and its for the for I think its 50 days. or until I run out. I have 1000 tabs.. the vet is going to come back out but would like to give princess a little more time to see how things go.. and she is not on the j-herb right now. I was giving her bute so there no j-herb in her system.
the infection. her hoof is taken off in the front close to the  bone and shes getting it washed out with meds and then packed with some pill crush up and packed in to help kill and work into all the little spots.
the provicox is 227 I'm not sure what that means? she gets that 1/2 for 7 days and then 1/4 till they run out I have 10 tab's.. we hope she will be out of pain before we use all of them. shes using it for pain because she does not want her on bute.. 
about the minocycline, that was just a little extra safety thing we wanted to do. when he opened her hoof up we did hit blood between the infection  and with the one being so close to the bone. if it did get to the bone before we got it, it would give her that little extra fighting power. , 
the protein. she is only getting 1 pound of standlee alfalfa pellets a day total she was getting 1/2 pound so she/we did not up it much. we need to add a little more for her she losing her body tone and tiring to get her to put some weight back on her she shes not so skinny.. she has hay 24/7 and timothy cubes most of the day. we are feeding the other back field and yes shes on a balanced diet but the back field was low in protein it might be a little off by adding 1/2 pound more of alfalfa.
the leg perfusion we are going to do that but she does not want to do that now until we get the infection under control. she seen were it was done and it pushed the infection in the leg and made thing worse..
the x-rays are only before the hoofs were done.. sorry
The blacksmith is coming out friday and I'm going to try and get photos of her up warped. should be able to... I'll post then too.. 
My husband came home from work on wednesday when I had everyone her working on her. the drive was packed. I even had the neighbor come over to make sure everything was ok. 4 big trucks and a x-ray van..  my husband came in the barn when I was holding princess, she got very jumpy when I left her so I had to stay with her, he handed me the credit card and said love you hope this works, I'm home if you need me... said hi to everyone.. never asked how much it cost ! sill hasn't.. hes just happy to see her doing better... gotta love him.... 
never would of thought the blacksmith does take plastic..
keep you posted....

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Hi Sue,

Thanks for giving us an update. Glad that things seem to be moving in a better direction for Princess. Will be on the lookout for the latest xrays. Were any done after all the trimming and clogs were applied? It's a good thing that the vet took samples of the infection to culture to make sure it is being addressed with the correct medications.

Just a few thoughts for you to ponder.

How long is she supposed to be on the Isoxsuprine? It has been found to not be very effective when used orally in horses. The J-herb you were using(?) has much better vaso-dilating properties. IF she is on J-herb, shouldn't use it along with Previcox. What is the actual milligrams of the Previcox pill you are using half of?

Nothing applied to the sole will get into her blood to help infection as there is no blood supply anywhere near that area. All the blood vessels are tightly hugging the coffin bone and in the digital cushion. If needed, Lower Limb Perfusion would be one thing that could be done. Another is using sterile maggots.

As far as her diet is concerned, I thought Princess was on a mineral balanced diet? If so, then she has no need for any extra protein. Unfortunately, most vets do not understand that the amount of protein needed  is not based on the percent protein of the feeds but on the actual amount in grams that is being ingested. In an IR horse, excess protein can be a lamintis trigger so not a situation of "more can't hurt".

Sue, with your care Princess will outlive most of us. She is indeed a "Princess" and so incredibly lucky to have you as her person.

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