Re: Triple Crown 30 -- anyone else having problems with it?

Kerry Isherwood

Hi Kathy, 

....."Not all of us can balance our hay with a custom supplement so I am glad that there are other products that I can offer an owner to balance their horse's diet.  I think of them as another tool in the diet balancing process and not an "all-purpose supp for fatties".".....

>>> my apologies if my statement sounded facetious -- it was not meant to be.  Yes, I agree the concentrated 30% supps are better than nothing for those of us that cannot feed fortified grain!  And by "fatties" I should have said "easy-keepers".  Again, my apologies.

....."So if I am understanding your post your mare was IR and uncontrolled because she was early PPID.  Are you still soaking her hay?  Is she on a custom supplement to balance her hay? Sorry, I am not understanding where you are at with your diet for her......what is the ESC + Starch in her current hay?".....

>>> My mare is on 15 lbs/day ODTBC and roughly 5lbs/day mixed grass hay in a small mesh haynet (unsoaked).  The cubes are spread around her drylot so she can "graze" and the crumbs that are too small to toss are used as the carrier for iodized salt (1oz), ground flax (1oz), and VitE 2500IU/day.  If she works hard (10 miles+) she gets a handful of soaked cubes 1 hr after work with a scoop of electrolytes (Pro-lyte, by Uckele). 

Bc the bulk of her diet is the balanced cubes, I do not need to balance the relatively small amt of grass hay she consumes (as I understand from previous posts). 

Hopefully this answers your questions. 

As an aside, my IR gelding, who I recently discovered is iron overloaded and having insulin spikes despite tight diet and exercise, is on soaked hay still as Emergency Diet.  He is out of the sore foot phase thank goodness and starting to lose weight and act sane again (historically abrupt behavior changes are his only hyperinsulinemic symptom).  It appears he gains too much weight on the ODTBC when they compose >50% of his diet so he will have to have analyzed hay and a customized supp balanced to the hay when the time comes.  I plan to retest his insulin in approximately 1 week, although Im pretty sure it is already down due to his settled mental behavior.  Because of his iron overload problem, his diet will have to be ultra-tightly balanced if there's any hope of ever getting the dang iron out of his system (again, as i've been told via previous posts). 

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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