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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Sue, your husband is a saint as well. Princess is beyond lucky.

That dose of Previcox (canine formulation of firocoxib) is a HUGE overdose. It is appropriate for an approximately 2500lb horse and I don't believe Princess is anywhere near that size. Even 1/4 of that pill is STILL overdosing for her size. Previcox does have the potential for serious side effects, just like any other NSAID does, esp when it is overdosed. Please have a read here:

Totally understand giving minocycline - it is related to doxycycline and is safe to use in IR horses.

Upping the alfalfa could be problematic as Princess has shown herself to be quite sensitive to feed ingredients. Alfalfa is known to make many IR horses footsore so it doesn't seem to be the best choice here. Plus, it will throw off your calcium/phosphorus ratios as alfalfa is quite high in calcium. She is likely losing weight because of pain - she needs more total calories rather than just upping an arbitrary ingredient. Pain can cause an individual to need double the calories (or more) to maintain condition. If you need to add protein, whey protein isolate would be a better choice. If this was my girl, I'd ask one of the hay gurus or Dr. Kellon to help you tweak her diet so as to keep it balanced and keep it providing all the proper nutrients she needs to heal.

Sounds like they did a good job of getting as much infectino out as was possible and opening access areas to the rest. The Regional Limb Perfusion is used to get the infection under control in cases where oral meds do not work. It is very difficult to get enough antibiotic into infected hoof areas any other way. More info on it in the files here:

Hugs to both of you.

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