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Hi, Sue - I am so glad Princess is feeling better.  She is very lucky to have you (and your husband!) in her camp.

I just want to second Lavinia's information about Previcox (and the rest of the excellent information about the alfalfa, minocycline etc).  The correct dose for a horse is .045 mg per lb body weight; for Princess at 770 lbs, that would be 34.65 mg, or just over a tenth of a 227 mg tablet.  Half a tablet is over 3 times the recommended dose; a quarter of a tablet is 1.6 times the recommended dose.  The correct dose for her would be half of a 57 mg tablet.

This is a common problem with using Previcox, the dog formulation of firocoxib, for horses. The dose of firocoxib for dogs is 2.27 mgs per pound body weight.  That is fifty times the dose that is suitable for a horse, so you can see where overdosing can creep in.  The Previcox dose for Princess should be exactly the same dose one would give to a small standard dachshund - weird, but true.  Please toss the 227 mg tabs, or keep them for your dogs, and get some 57 mg tabs for her, using half of one of those tabs.  Check with your vet, of course (especially don't use them on your dogs without clearing it with the vet first), but you will find that is the correct dose.

Big hugs to you and Princess,

Jaini (BVSc),Merlin,Maggie,Gypsy
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Princess is doing good today her front feed are under her most of the time but when she lays down and gets up she has them out some but not like she did before..

the provicox is 227 I'm not sure what that means? she gets that 1/2 for 7 days and then 1/4 till they run out I have 10 tab's.. we hope she will be out of pain before we use all of them. shes using it for pain because she does not want her on bute.. warped. should be able to... I'll post then too.. 

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