24 year old Dutch Warmblood with Cushings, pelleted diet only


Hi Everyone,

Im new to the group. My horse was diagnosed with Cushings about 5 years ago and it has been quite the challenge keeping him healthy. He's had several teeth removed over the last 7 years and one root infection created a oral nasal fistula. This went undiagnosed for two years after the tooth was removed. The poor guy had nasal discharge and a foul smell coming from his nostril. Countless vet visits only led to putting him on antibiotics for a sinus infection. I finally had enough and took him to Davis to find out what was going on with him. They found the small fistula and it was compacted with hay, which was rotting and creating that foul smell and discharge. So the vet ordered no more hay and to put him on Stable mix diet. I came on this site and searched your conversations for info on the Elk Grove stable mix diet, which hes been eating for the past 8 months or so. Im freaking out since it looks like this mix is too high in sugars and should not be given to a horse with Cushings. Does anyone have any recommendations for a balanced pelleted diet that would be safe for him to eat? We live in the Bay area and he currently eats 4 large scoops of EG stable mix, one pill a day of prascend, and california trace minerals. He's been barefoot for the first time in his life for the past year, which has been a slow progress. He easily gets thrush, but after adding the trace minerals and taking the shoes off he seems to be clear of that now. I can go on and on about different health ailments we have gone through, but right now Im just looking for some guidance on a daily feed for the poor guy. Im very frustrated because it seems Im steered down the wrong path after EVERY vet visit. After reading some posts on here about EG and Cushings horses, Why would the vet recommend EG to a horse with Cushings? 

Thanks to you all for any information or help you can provide. Sorry if I seem frustrated.


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