Re: 24 year old Dutch Warmblood with Cushings, pelleted diet only


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I want to directly address your question about pelleted feed.  But before I get to that please give us more details about your horse.  Please join our sister site called ECH8 and fill out a case history.  Here is a link to that group: 

You will receive prompt approval to join and then please follow the instructions on the main page to fill out a case history.  

 We have a specific philosophy and process.  We call it DDT/E, which stands for Diagnosis, Diet, Trim and Exercise.   I will send more detail on this soon.  If you want to dive into the files then you can go ahead and start learning.

I'm not sure we are allowed to recommend specific feeds but I sure can tell you what I use.  I'm very happy with this pelleted feed and my Cushings horses do great with it.

I use NuZu Stabul 1.  It is balanced, and highly fortified to meet the dietary needs of horses. 

Best of all it is very low starch/sugar.

It's a little tricky to find.  I had to negotiate with my feed store to order it for me.  You can check around in your area and even ask others in this group if there is a source in your area.  I'll add a link for you to get more info.

When posting to the site please sign with your name, date that you joined the group and a link to your case history (CH).  That will help expedite responses to your questions. 

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Find more information here:

7550 Stabul


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