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Thanks for all your help and support.
 the previcox. I'm going to call the vet and make sure what I'm saying the correct dose . the 227 is on the side of the pill so I'm not sure if that's the dose.(sorry). will check and let you know. princess is no longer 770 she lost about 275 pounds and I got her back up to 560 something. I would have to check in the barn. she a skinny little girl..
question on the alfalfa she was getting it before 1/2 pound a day and adding 1/2 more pound would throw her off that much?
we should be cutting hay any day now if it would quit raining for 3 to 4 days.. so I would have a new batch to balance..
I'll look into the whey protein isolate.. what could I give her to get her to pick up some weight safely? the timothy balance cubes I think would be my best bet and safe.. shes eating A LOT of them now.. plus all the hay she wants..24/7
shes a little more sore today but not as bad as she was.. but not as good as she was yesterday.. could it be because the bute is working its was out of her system... 
I  hate theses damn abases that's the whole problem now.. . founder sounds easy now.. I know its not but it was in the beginning.. 
keep you updated.
sue & princess

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>Why does pain require a horse to be fed 2 x regular feed to maintain condition? 

Pain does not necessarily require a horse to be fed 2X regular feed amounts.

When my horses sloughed all their hooves, I was feeding one of them ~ 6X his regular feed amounts. And he still lost about ~300 pounds.

I know I didn't answer your question. Just wanted to say that it depends.

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