Re: up date on princess with new vet..... sue & princess

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Sue,

Yes, you are correct. That 227 on the pill means it is 227mg per pill. The Previcox only comes in two sizes, the 57mg and the 227mg. Most vets tend to overdose the Previcox when prescribing it for a horse - maybe because they don't really read that horses are dosed at such a smaller rate than dogs are. It is a common - and huge - problem because overdosing firocoxib (the active ingredient) can have very real and dangerous side effects.

Although painful, abscesses are a good thing in that they are removing trapped material that needs to get out. Hoping that the infections are now going to be able to be brought under control as well.

If she will eat more of the ODTBC then by all means feed those to her. That would be the simplest way for you to up her calories right now and still maintain a well-balanced diet.

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