pony feet pics are up/ short notice...


Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance

hello groupies,

here are some pretty bad pics of ponys feet 

i know this is short notice, i have been in the hospital with my daughter and her new born she has been very ill, with pre eclmpsia, 

those who have been here a while will remember her as the girl who was saved by this pony's diagnosis, because her type 1 diabetes symptoms matched the diagnosis of the pony , polyuria, ravenous appetite etc..i had to push the doctors to test glucose when they said she had a virus, her blood glucose was over 790.

long story short, pony has been neglected during her very difficult pregnancy and the farrier has been doing what he thought was right but she is lame after every trim,

can some one please do some markups and suggestions for him he is very good at following them but not so good on his own...

he is coming in the morning 

i am so sorry for the short notice i live in the hospital now..

Julie in oregon with pony...

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