Re: pony feet pics are up/ short notice... (my pony too!)

Tori Cullins

Can you share to the photo album Lavinia? I am very interested to see. I have my own pony's latest photos up with xrays at ECHistory8. It's not a complete set, just because he's had boots on and I havent done it yet. Was tryng to catch him lying down, but seems every time I went out, there was something to do. He's better now - he had a high nitirate reading in his hay analysis so I swithched some hay around but forgot to soak the 'other' hay and the next day he was mincy and had some detectable pulses. He can get his boots off today comfortably. Here is the link to the photos so far. My gmail is wildside96792@... if you should get to to doing a mark up...

  Tori and Orion, Hawaii

April 2015

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