Grass Escapee

Michele Cameron

Well, it finally happened, Elijah got out on our 2 acres of mixed grass... some lush in the shade, some burnt up by our hot weather. Eli has not had anything green but dandylions, hay & ODTBC since September 2014.

Thank you Jaini for the Metformin advice.

My vet still hasn't called me back, but he told me before that he wouldn't prescribe that drug for me to keep on hand. A friend suggested a mutual vet friend in Canada however, so I will be going up to get a 3-day supply for him.

I actually don't think he needs it today... it was less than a 2 hour exposure, and I rode him before his escape & then lunged and liberty ran him for about 45 minutes right after I discovered him... I hosed him before, in the middle and after as it is hot here. He was very cheerful, bucking and running once I muzzled him and let him onto the grass track

I am going away for a week soon, so I am thinking that maybe I should just keep the Meformin on hand if needed for the future...

Should I cut back his hay portion tonight? He will be disappointed not to get all 10 #'s of soaked hay.

 I will lunge him again once it cools off.

I will only be getting a 3-day supply of Metformin, so I could give him a day's worth starting tonight and another dose in the morning and still have a 2-day stash.

He is fit and doing well with no history of Laminitis. He would be worked in the morning as well if all continues to look good.

Any further ideas?

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