Re: 24 year old Dutch Warmblood with Cushings, pelleted diet only


Thank you Renee for the additional information! Im going to call around and see if I can get the cubes and feed that you have recommended. I have uploaded photos to the photo album. I think his weight looks better now as I have cut down dramatically the amount of Stable mix I was feeding him. I will eventually completely cut out the stable mix. His ACTH levels were tested last august and were normal. at that time I was giving him a pill and a half of prascend. The vet recommended moving him back down to 1 pill a day since his ACTH was normal. He is still getting one pill a day. I will get his hormone levels tested again when the vet visits. I will also get him tested for IR. Let me know what you think from looking at the photos.

Thanks for the help!

Tessa and Kasanova

San Francisco, CA ,June 2015

Case history: ECHistory8


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