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Jasper's having alot of issues with heave flare ups he's on lung EQ was doing 1 scoop a day went up to 2 scoops 4 days ago. His breathing still isn't normal.....

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Horses that are symptomatic are going to need the 2 scoops/day.  That is for up to a weight of 1000 pounds so if he's heavier, use more.

If you have maximized environment control (no straw or hay in the barn, wood or paper bedding, all hay and meals thoroughly wet), a big trigger is often heavy, hot, humid air.  No much you can do about that without an air conditioner. Yes, you can also use albuterol.

Another big issue often overlooked is mucus.  It's absolutely essential to maintain generous salt intake to keep mucus moving:

Sodium chloride increases the ciliary transportability of cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis sputum on the mucus-depleted bovine trachea.

Chloride in particular is important:

Make sure you get at least 2 oz/day of salt into him, syringing it in if you have to.

Liberal application of Vicks to the nostrils and the throatlatch area can also help keep mucus thin.

If you continue to have issues and your veterinarian's exam reveals obvious wheezing and/or rattling mucus, inquire about using intravenous sodium iodide to break up the mucus.  It's very effective.

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