splitting pergolide dose -- efficacy compromised?

Kerry Isherwood

Has there been any anecdotal negative experiences noted with Prascend dose being split into am(1mg)/ pm(1mg) vs given once a day (2mg, syringed)? 

Furthermore, if said half dose of Prascend is ingested/digested over the course of several hours at each feeding (1mg of Prascend dissolved/mixed into several lbs of ODTBC mash and eaten slowly) yet horse is consistently consuming the full 2mg dose over the 24 period, without variation of routine, is the efficacy of pergolide anecdotally or theoretically compromised if fed in such a fashion? 

June 21 was first day of increase to 2mg (was 1.5mg).  Recheck ACTH to be done July 13 (3 wks post increase).

I promise I will update Pinky's CH asap.  It is immense.  Just alot going on outside of horselife at moment (always something, it seems)

Kerry in NY

Sept 2014

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