Long Distance Transport,Supplements or Gear?

Tori Cullins

Suggestions for supplements and gear for long distance transport of IR pony? Chronic laminitis since Dec. 2014, foundered in May 2015. Gets around well in boots. Hard to keep diet adequate and get good care in my location (Hawaii) so moving to southern Oregon. 

Orion (pony) has Soft Ride boots with the blue pad for the fronts and i'm using Swiss Horse Boots for the backs. I usually use rope halters and yacht rope leads. 

Both are on a mineral balanced diet (well, fairly balanced now, will be fully on next week), including flax, mag, and vit E. The vet has OK'd them for 2 tubes (4 days) of Ulcer Guard. No other recommendations given, I asked about ulcer prevention.  

They are flying out of Hawaii Aug 8. One hour trailering to airport, 2 hours before plane takes off, five hours in flight. Still unknown (I should call) how long they  will be on the ground in LA before they are commercially trailered to Oregon, maybe even be overnight or longer.However, once on the road again it will be about 12 hours to our new front door, if driving straight through. 

I also do not know , as of yet, what the plane or commercial trailer people will allow them to wear, ie shipping boots, etc. but it will be HOT outside.  

Maybe I should wait until September? It's hottest in Hawaii in Sept/Oct., humid, and doesn't cool off at night. Big temp differences between day and night in Oregon and should have cooled off quite a bit coming into fall (if I wait until Sept).  I'm thinking August,a s we're also likely to get hit by a hurricane this year and try get 'safe' food then... 

Tori and Orion, Hawaii

April 2015


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