Re: Jasper's Heaves keep flaring Up

corrine haffner

He's having a tough time humidity is up tonight to 89%,did the vicks again he's had two doses of albuterol 10 ml each. still coughing a lot, breathing is close to normal,his coughing is making him lose interest in eating.

He sounds congested when he coughs, i called vet before they closed said he'd come out in morning if he wasn't better.My mare never sounded congested when she had heave flare ups,so i wonder if its something else other then heaves??  He's got thick white snot running out his nose tonight,maybe he's clearing out mucus?? 

When exposed to strangles how long is the incubation period?? Think its been like 3 days or so,he was in contact with these horses who got strangles. Shared fence line.

Corrine & Jasper

MN 4/2014


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