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Also remember that the results are going to be a bit trickier to interpret as by the time you get to drawing the blood, there may be a seasonal rise influence coming into play.

Hi Lavinia,

Considering we'll be entering the seasonal rise by the time I get him titrated down to 1.5mg,  do you think I should just keep him at 2mg, but by gradually adding the afternoon dose to the morning dose as you described?

As far as the relation of time between his blood draw and his Prascend dose, I'm afraid I can't say.  We drew blood at 1pm.  His pill is given in a handful of Purina Wellsolve at 7am.  A few weeks back, I told the BO that it was ok to give both pills at once in the morning to save her time, not knowing the spacing was such a sensitive issue.  So now sometimes he eats one and leaves the other in the bowl until evening when they'll feed it by hand. Sometimes he'll eat both, sometimes they'll both sit til evening.  So he must be pretty screwed up now because of the inconsistency. I'll do my best to get him regulated.

If we go down to 1.5mg, I'll still have half a pill leftover overnight.  Is that ok? Or is it a reason to get compounded pills?

Thanks for the guidance,

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