Re: Jasper's Heaves keep flaring Up

Kerry Isherwood

Hi Corrine,

As for bug battling, you could try a fly sheet and/or the mesh leg fly protectors, I don't use the former but i do like the latter on the TB I take care of that is a constant foot stomper.  He lives out 24/7. 

Everyone has their favorite fly spray, but if you haven't tried Absorbine Ultrashield in the black bottle, I find its the only one that works, on all three of my 24/7 outsiders.  In the worst of bug season I apply it twice a day, but it does work (the TB still fly stomps out of habit, so I still use the mesh leg wraps in addition, which def helps). 

My childhood pony had severe COPD, and I know how difficult it is to deal with, esp when humidity rises.  Keep your chin up, you have many friends here for support--that's all I can say...

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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