Re: Long Distance Transport,Supplements or Gear?

Tori Cullins

Thanks Kathy, Still reserching on my end also... Packing for the move yesterday, I came across Dr. Kellon’s Horse 'Nutraceuticals and Supplements' book. Didn’t even realize it was on my bookshelf! I kinda remember buying and looking it over a year or so ago. It being a little over my head then, given the horses were ‘healthy’. I literally shelved it for later. 

Yesterday I sat on the floor upon finding it and finished it off before I got up. Wish I would’ve stumbled on it last Dec. when Orion’s chronic problems took hold. I remember looking over my bookshelves a few times since then for reference material and missed it. Also wish I would’ve given it more of a chance before shelving it. The boys were showing signs of (at the least) described copper and/or zinc deficiencies at that time.


I'm thinking of APF. Was also looking at U-Guard rather than Ulcer_Guard (vet recommended) as it also has high magnesium (calming effects).  However it seems Ulcer Guard is the only one proven to prevent ulcers. More so because it comes in an easy to give powder form vs. the syringe. Though its high time to get them used to the syringe, a good medical procedure to be used to. 

Thoughts from members?

Tori and Orion, Hawaii

April 2015


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