Re: adding AAKG and ALCAR for laminitic mini?


I don't know exactly how much hay she eats every day, since she lives with my old pony and her sister. She's 300lbs, the pony is about 750lbs and her sister is about 250lbs. I put out about 30lbs of hay a day for them (half in the morning, half in the afternoon), and there's always some leftover the next day.

She was getting free lunged for 10-20 minutes 3 times a week. Then my personal life kinda blew up, and I haven't been able to work her for about 3 weeks. She and her sister do run and play in the dry lot, but I don't know how much time they spend playing. I was planning to expand their dry lot into a more Paddock Paradise type set up, but I'm behind on getting that done.

Yes, there is some grass she can get to through the fencing. I am planning to board up that section of fence, so she can't get to it. 

She's on CTB since she still has a little bit of her winter coat on her face that hasn't shed out. Everything else shed out fine. Though the weather here has been really nutty. Kinda cold at night. A couple weeks ago we went from 80 during the day to 37 at night. She also has some fattiness around her udder. 

She's driving me kinda crazy. She was standing in a bit of a founder stance, breathing fast, acting a little depressed with strong pulses before I fed her this afternoon. After I fed her, she ran off. Can she still feel good enough to run in very early stages of laminitis?

This is her from a couple days ago. 

I'll work on getting some more current pics of her and her hooves. Right now I'm off to track down some boot options.


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