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Hi Lavinia,
I'm holding up so so. I'm seeing small improvement in princess so that's good.. its costing us lots but whats money compare to her life..
shes on a balance diet. the only thing that was added was more timothy cubes. I'm going to add the amo.. acid from horse tech to her diet this week I'm going to order it.  I'm watching her diet very closely. not mixing things that shouldn't be and over dosing her..
we are now getting ready to do new hay so things will be changes up some when we get the new hay balanced.
the vet was out yesterday again to did the leg infusion thing. I think that's what she called it.. she put a rubber band thing around her ankle and from the culture we got. the medican was but in the veins below  and she said it was pressurized thing to help force it in to all the veins in the bottom of her foot area and it could help open up some that could be closed and the rubber band stayed on for 20 minutes and then taken off.
when the vet was first out and took the x-rays she has lots of bone loss in her coffin bone from the infection. I'm still tiring to get them my computer is not comparable with her system.. still working on it. she was not rotated and had lots of sole. it is the abases that is  all the problems now. this new vet is from cleveland equine and shes  aggressive on this she but princess at a high risk and would not give me a % on if we could save her.. she said this is one of the worse cases she's seen. 
when she came out yesterday to do this stuff she was really impressed on how well she was and she said she was turning around really fast and if everything keeps going like it is she should be ok.. we took the bandage off her hoofs and the hoofs were a lot better. the spot were the hoof wall was taken off is dry and hard and the bottom front had a little soft tissue in it but she said I'll just do the cleantrx next week again and it will help keeping things going forward..
I have to pack them with iodine 10% nothing less.. I'll have photos when I change them tomorrow but there be a little purple..  
its been such a long road..
shes kinda funny on her back legs.. she not sure when she walks that the fronts not going to hurt like it did. I have to stretch out her back legs because shes been standing like that so long her muscles  are kinda messed up.. 
were get there. its only going to take a lot more time and tlc.. 
Sue & princess
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Hi Sue,

Vit C is not recommended for an IR horse as it increases absorption of iron and horses do produce their own. Adding lysine may be of benefit but will really depend on what is already in her diet - extra not always better. Have you worked with anyone on balancing her minerals until this most recent spate of setbacks? If so, the same person should be able to help in adjusting things for her to optimize her healing so you aren't wasting money by taking shots in the dark.

The CleanTrax is a great, safe, effective product when needed - glad it was recommended to you.

How is Princess doing today? How are you holding up?

Hugs to you both.

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