Re: Tofurky mark-ups

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lj,

I know it's a bit cumbersome to pop back and forth between the analysis and the pix, that's why I label each section of the narrative the same as the corresponding picture. It's also why I include the link to the album where the pictures are uploaded in the post, so it is readily available to anyone following that thread.

Sorry, I'm somewhat techie challenged so I don't know what "using a flicker photo" means. If it means adding an attachment to the narrative - that isn't allowed on the list so wouldn't be plausible. I am assuming you read messages from the Digest format and that Yahoo automatically includes any new photos in the digest? If so, do the labels not appear with the pictures? As I don't use the digest format I am unfamiliar with how it functions. Appreciate anyone who can enlighten me on this.

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