Re: Natural Foods

beverly meyer

To answer the weight question:
Optimum EQ is primarily blue green algae. It is extremely dark green.
The tiny bits of dried veggies, fruits and nuts give it a blending base and provide something you can lift with a little scoop without it blowing away.
The powder is extremely light weight, therefore by weight it is farther down the list than heavy foods such as seeds or orange peel.
The combo provides a synergistic antioxidants blend. One of the main reasons for MovEase and PhytoQuench are that they also are edible antioxidants with ingredients that don't list on the label as there are hundreds of micronutrients there.
A tablespoon a day is all... She is not getting cup fulls of orange peel and fat!
Thanks, and there's a bit more in the conversations history for blue green spirulina, but only buy it properly packaged.
Beverly 6/14

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