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Nancy C

Many points missed again, Beverly, but by all means, let's carry on.

As Dr Kellon pointed out yesterday one ounce of freeze dried can be a lot  more potent.  What is the total esc and starch in this product?

What is the WEIGHT of your Tablespoon please?

I've used spirulina for years.  It is very much more dense that other powders. So how MUCH spirulina - by weight - is in one freeze dried ounce, please?  I was feeding 20 grams twice a day.  Does your product have an equivalent amount for a pony?  Say 10 grams twice a day?

You put any amount of spirulina in anything, and it will turn very dark green.

My product was properly packaged.

Recommend you calculate just how much synergy you get in a 27 gram serving of these antioxidants.

Glutamine (min): 1.058%, Aspartic Acid (min): 0.793%, Alanine (min): 0.779%, Arginine (min): 0.615%, Threonine (min): 0.562%, Tyrosine (min): 0.536%, Valine (min): 0.535%, Lysine (min): 0.518%, Leucine (min): 0.515%, Isoleucine (min): 0.421%, Phenylalanine (min): 0.396%, Glycine (min): 0.379%, Serine (min): 0.238%, Proline (min): 0.238%, Histidine (min): 0.209%, Tryptophane (min): 0.178%, Methionine (min): 0.146%, Cystine (min): 0.125%

It is not much. For example it is recommended a full size horse gets 22 grams of  L-Glutamine a day, when needed. A powerful anti-oxidant but most horses do not need to go through the extra expense once teh diet is balanced.

Your product at a full 27 gram serving gives...let's see...27 X 1.058% = 0.28566. Really?

Not very much.  Would someone check my math please?

Dr Kellon, is there anything about synergy other than marketing, please?


Happy Fourth everyone in the USA.

Nancy C in NH
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To answer the weight question:
Optimum EQ is primarily blue green algae. It is extremely dark green.
The tiny bits of dried veggies, fruits and nuts give it a blending base
and provide something you can lift with a little scoop without it
blowing away.

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