Re: Natural Foods

Kathy Brinkerhoff



I would think with all the energy, time and conviction you have put into defending your supplementation of 1/2 oz. of Bio Star, which by your own description is a small amount of mostly blue green algae with peels and seeds in it to keep it from being blown away, you might consider putting the same effort into balancing Ginger's diet.


You have been an active EC/IR Member since June, 2014.  You are obviously aware that Diet is key to Ginger's recovery and well being; enough so that, in fact, you signed up for the NRC + Course.  So what gives??  Why not just read the materials and balance her diet and quit burning up your time on defending this product. To use Bio Star or not is, of course, your choice, but it appears that you are now locked onto it as the key to Ginger’s future success regardless of the actual analysis/contribution and any other factors that may be at or come into play in Ginger's health.  I really hope I am wrong about my observation.




Kathy Brinkerhoff


SE/WI  10/12


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