Re: adding AAKG and ALCAR for laminitic mini?


When I say I "put out 30lbs of hay", that doesn't mean they eat it all. They eat about 90% of what I put out. Also, my 250lb mini is very high maintenance since she's very active and high strung (its a battle to keep her body score a 5). The other two are very low maintenance.

When I did the trim pictured, I realized that things weren't going well. I was 2-3 trims in to experimenting with ELPO hoof mapping. I've since discarded that trim style and have gone back to a more barefoot style trim. I'll try to get pics tomorrow. 

Any tips for getting good hoof pics with an iPhone? The pics I'm getting look more distorted than the hoof I see in front of me. 

If she decides she wants to tear around the dry lot with her sister, is it ok to work her? Her pulses were normal last night and this afternoon.

How much work should she be getting? Will adding in some jumps help give her a more intense workout? Right now, I just don't have time to do the training I really want to do with her, so its free lunging for now. 

I have quite a bit of land, and also a lot of fence posts and fencing. If I make a paddock paradise setup, does it need to be a dry lot...or can there be grass and weeds? I have a 10 acre field and could fence off about 1/3 of it. The section I'm thinking about has a very steep hill, so she'd get quite a workout. This is just an idea...not at all saying I'd do this. It would be a cheaper option than expanding the dry lot, since I have all the materials and equipment. I really wish I lived in a desert, so I could give them as much room to run as possible. 

Can nibbling grass and weeds through the fence be enough of a trigger? The grass here is really stressed, since its been quite cold and we haven't gotten enough rain. Heck...I'm still blanketing my horses at night. I think the limited grass nibbling is a more likely trigger, since the hay I'm feeding is a rather low calorie hay. 

Would 10 grams of magnesium really be appropriate for a 300lb mini? 

Why is soaking the hooves in cold water appropriate? I thought that IR can cause poor circulation and putting the hooves in cold water would cause vasoconstriction. 


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