Re: giving a fig newton to IR horse

Kathy Brinkerhoff



My horse, Bailey, often goes "off" his Prascend carrier.  I use a small piece of banana as a "pill pocket"  When he refuses to eat it I change it up for a few days.....hollow out a carrot....put a piece of carrot or teeny piece of apple on the banana/Prascend.  Then I try again and he is fine with the plain banana for weeks.


Rather than guessing what might work as a pill carrier and worse yet just experimenting to see if there is a problem with feeding it,  here is a link to a nutrition data site.  I couldn't find fig newton cookies on here, but I did find fig bars, raw figs, dried figs.  I then googled fig newton and got an ingredient and analysis which is probably the same info on your Fig Newton easy to find.  You asked about feeding one fig newton, but fed two?!  I think if you look at the ingredients/analysis you will agree that was not a good choice.   I agree with Sheri who pointed out that laminitis is much more of a hassle than feeding wet timothy pellets or doing a five minute search of a possible pill carrier/feed  for an IR/PPID horse.



The fact that you posted here and asked about using the cookie after I assume you read the label on the package tells me that based on taking the NRC + Course, IR/PPID Course and being an active member on this board who has access to the files and archives that something about feeding fig newton cookies raised a red flag.   Follow your instincts and do a search first before feeding.



Kathy Brinkerhoff


SE/WI. 10/12


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