Re: giving a fig newton to IR horse

Nancy C

Hi LJ and all,

A great resource for finding out how bad or good a food is, especially human foods, is

Using USDA figures, this independent web site allows you to see carbs, proteins, omegas, minerals and more.

Here's the link to Fig cookies showing 7 grams of sugar

Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Cookies, fig bars


Googling Fig Newtons came up with similar sugar content.

Package labels will give you same info.


Using to compare foods recommended here is helpful too. One recommendation, a single grape, hiding the pill would have less than one gram of sugar.

You could maybe cut the fig newton in half or thirds and get two - four grams of sugar, however how he would react to this would take monitoring.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Group Moderator 2003

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