Re: giving a fig newton to IR horse

Sharon Manning

After many years of trying everything that has been thought of,except this one idea, I syringed her pergolide in her dear picky mouth as easy as pie. I added a couple drops of liquid stevia just for my benefit in case the drug is bitter. Why oh why have I not done this before?? Gezzz I am as stubborn as she! How easy! Even if she starts to refuse this new way I have no qualms halterning her and giving it. Right now I just take her chin in my left hand and standing on her right, with my right hand, into the side of her mouth and up toward the back. two small pushes empties the small 12 cc syringe half full of her dissolved meds and the constant battle of trying to stay one step ahead of her constantly changing taste and moods is now over.
I think I have battle fatigue ... feeling slightly foolish I have not tried this before.
So all who has a picky eater, give it a go.

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