Re: pony feet pics are up/ short notice... (my pony too!) Now Orion'

Tori Cullins

LOL, the pressure is on! I will post Deb and best of luck to you and Cory...  hope to get some up tomorrow. I sure hear you on being timid, but Lavinia is so clear and when she talks about 'tearing forces' oh man, i just want to destroy! Fear on both sides (timid to hurt, and scared he is hurting himself 'with each step'), I'm crossed-fingers keeping the balance by striving to 'do no harm'. I am so lucky that I can work on him daily... I stop when he starts getting nippy... he's pretty good natured, so I listen.  

One thing I am not quite clear on is the the 'how to" of taking the heels back. I saw Lavinia describe it fully on at least one previous email, and have been looking for it. I understand lowering, but bringing those 'buttresses back little by little' has escaped me (sorry Lavinia!). Somehow mechanically bringing them back by digging into, actual carving of the buttresses? I hope I'm not steering anyone wrong here. Will keep looking, but maybe Lavinia will clarify AGAIN... 

Tori and Orion, Hawaii
April 2015



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