Re: pony feet pics are up/ short notice... (my pony too!) Now Orion'

Tori Cullins

Alrighty Deb, photos are up of my trim of 12 hours or so ago (link below - 
the latest photos have a board or grey mat underneath). You piqued my interest and I'm glad you did. Boy, I barely took much off at all. The good thing is, tonight Orion was walking just as well after taking his boots off, as he was with boots on. That's a first! In quite some time anyhow....

Boy Deb, I was just reading over Cory's history, how frustrating! You sure are busting your buns for him... A big hug to you both. You have a lot more hoof starting out than I have, it is scary knocking all that back!  

So, I was a little surprised to see that I barely made a dent in Orion's hooves, after all that 'going to town' posturing. However, take a look at the RF, especially the corner of the outside heel buttress. Is that red coloration, bruising? Does it look somewhat bruised on up into the heel bulbs (medial aspect), and on the LF also? 

I see that the outside heel on his RF is also noticeably longer than the inside heel. When I am rasping on that (bruised?) outside is when he gets nippy and doesnt want to bring his foot up any longer (leans all his weight on it and locks his knee). It is also happens to be the last place I work, so may be his patience is up also... Maybe I should start there tomorrow and see how he acts.... 

Tori and Orion, Hawaii
April 2015



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