Re: Hay analysis back -- my IRs' diets

Kerry Isherwood

if it helps, here are my two IRs' diets:

PINKY, 21yo IR/PPID at ideal weight (~1100, not yet weighed on scale; will this week)
(diet per day):
11lbs ODTBC (weighed)
2oz iodized salt (more on hot days and/or if worked)
1oz ground flax (very sensitive to fats, hence only 1oz; TC Omega Max)
4sc Quiessence (trying to use up 50# bag)
2500iU Vit E in oil (Uckele brand)
~5# of analyzed hay (the local "rained on" hay)
2mg Prascend, syringed once daily in morning
at present insulin, glucose & ACTH well-controlled via bloodwork; clinically looks/feels great

TOFURKY, 8yo IR only slightly over ideal weight (weighed 1200 on scale three weeks ago, has lost weight since; re-weighing on local clinic scale this week)
(diet per day):
6lbs ODTBC (weighed)
1oz iodized salt (more on hot days and/or if worked)
1 sc Pro-lyte (given 1 hr after work due to history of "thumps"; Uckele brand)
*1 sc Seroquine (powder)
2500iU Vit E in oil (Uckele brand)
2oz ground flax (TC Omega Max)
1/2 cup Farrier's Formula (maint amt of orig. formula)
~8-10#s of analyzed hay (the local "rained on" hay)
at present doing well on diet of reduced ODTBC and very low ESC+starch hay.  Recheck bloodwork will be done at end of this month when I recheck Pinky's ACTH but clinically much improved from recent insulin crisis.
Is iron overloaded per DrKellon (Ferritin = 340 ng/mL, KSU, 6/9/15; TIBC & serum iron WNL)

*was on 2scoops Seroquine pellets per DrKellon until recently when i accidentally ordered the powdered version; horse had loose stool which coincided with switch to powder from pelleted form; therefore I lowered dose from 2sc to 1sc of powdered; loose stool improved; deduced that powdered form possibly caused loose stool?  Unlikely, I know, but horse doing well on lowered dose to date with normal stool so leaving at 1 scoop of powdered. 

Please note the diets above are *not* balanced via ECIR staff due to difficulty in procuring adequate amounts of hay to be analyzed through & including spring 2015.  I definitely do want to formally balance both horses' diets if the analysis on the rained on hay looks like a worthwhile adjunct to the ODTBCs.

Thanks so much,
Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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