Re: Jasper's Case History is UP DATED

corrine haffner

I was sent the hard copy from test from 2014 i'll see if i can fined it. I know the normal is 9 to 35 for ACTH i also know vet i was using was less then good. Not sure current vet is any better but i have no choice, hopefully he handles the blood work properly on the 27th here.

Iv been trying to get more salt in him hard to do when he refuses to eat it. So i'am i supposed to force him to exercise now???  I thought moving around in dry lot was well exercise,he paced the fence wanting in taking a bit of hay then walk down the  fence line,then repeat.

I want to get to the bottom of jasper's problems too its beyond frustrating, i'v got 1000's into vet bills and no real anwser on anything. He was skinny at 1000 or maybe he was under a 1000, he's to fat at 1250 i'll change that on CH here. 

I can up pergolide don't know by how much though.

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