Weight loss guidelines?

Kerry Isherwood

Is there a rough gauge for appropriate weight loss in horses over "x" amount of tine? Asking bc my IR gelding lost 40lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. Weighed on large animal scale at local equine hospital, same scale both times. He is a 15.2h Saddlebred, lighter-boned. Definitely was heavy at first weighing but no fat pads anywhere. I decreased his per day ODTBCs by 2/3s and he went from soaked first cut 2015 hay to the 2.1%ESC + 0.4%starch 'rained on hay' free choice shortly after the first weigh. He has noticeably lost weight and needs to lose a bit more to be a true ribby 5 Henneke. Other pertinent issue is that his shoes were pulled around first weighing so his workload has decreased in intensity due to needing boots and getting them fitted/padded correctly to handle the level of trails that he was accustomed to. Currently his attitude and energy level are good but I dont want him to lose too much weight too fast...if thats even possible ;)

Perhaps Im overthinking this ;)

6/26/15 ... 1198-1200#
7/15/15 ... 1160-1163#

I wont even mention what the 14.1h Draft-cross weighs, my mare Pinky; the one everyone says has lost weight and "finally looks good". The horror...

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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