Re: best boots for turnout w/breakover (would like to try something other than RX or softrides)

Kerry Isherwood

Re: the Epics

I used a pair of thin ComfortPads to bolster the boot fit when i was concerned they may not be snug enough (ie, just after a trim).

The front clasp needs to be *tight* -- like, i can only get it down by stepping on it w my foot -- i cannot push it down by hand. I need a hoof pick to unclamp it bc of the necessary tightness.

Ive never had an Epic come off even in deep mud, rocks, galloping, wet mushy grass, jumping cross country at sustained speed, etc. We rode 10-15 miles per ride at hunt/endurance speed (6-ish mph) and I would change out a pair after about 75 miles of use, just to be safe. I still have an old pair that I use on my gelding who just came out of shoes; the Epics are worn but still in great condition, although I did upgrade to the new softer gaiters (i had the old style still).

Im very interested in the Gloves. New boot for me. Very interested to read reviews here.

I just ordered a pair of Cavallo Simple Boots, which are new to me also.

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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