Re: Salt/softened water: They have diarrhea now...


Saw a neat thing for sale someplace - a flexible water bag that fit in a wheelbarrow.  With a wheel barrow with two front wheels for balance, would be pretty easy to move a lot of water.

Carol in Maryland

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Hi, just a late tip, since you've hopefully gotten your water situation in hand.  If you don't want to haul numerous 1 gal jugs and you're capable of carrying full buckets of water, just line the buckets with unscented trash bags and twist-tie or loosely knot them closed to prevent sloshing during transport (as long as they don't tip over).  Should save a lot of trips.  I don't think I'd leave the liners in the buckets unsupervised or leave the water in them in the heat (car) for long periods of time.


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