Re: Time to increase prascend?

Kathy Brinkerhoff


Lj posts:  "One shortcut I;ve been taking is with the r/s/r bp.  I rinse it, soak it, then  dump the water w/o an additional rinse. Could this be THE problem? "

If you put beet pulp Lj in the search box you will find numerous posts to you regarding the r/s/r of beet pulp preparation.  You understand the concept of why it is done.  It seems to this observer that whenever Jesse is doing well you start taking "short cuts" or ask about taking "short cuts" in his diet, etc.   You have done an excellent job with Jesse when you follow the recommendations of the Board and Dr. Kellon.........please, "stay the course" and don't veer off into short cut land which results in problems.

I haven't checked your CH, but is his diet of timothy pellets/HT custom and now going forward back to r/s/r beet pulp tight?  Has anything else in his diet changed?  What are his current treats?  Might someone be giving him treats that are not appropriate to his diet?  Is his exercise program still in place?  These are just questions for you to consider and if the info is in the CH I will find it so no need to respond in a post to me.  

I will defer to the mods to comment on his blood work results and prascend dosage.

Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI  10/12


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