Re: Looking for some help and direction for IR Pony

Jlee DOrtona


Thank you for your recommendations.  I have sent my farrier an email, as we are trying to get a game plan finalized.  I have also added the x-rays from 2012/11/06, where no rotation was evident.  Suggestions for where to look for massage techniques for upper shoulders and forearms?  I have Mac boots for him already.  The Soft Ride boots are what I need though right?  I haven't checked into Macs site yet to see if they make any sort of wedge/ frog  support inserts for them.  Maybe they're two different types of boot altogether, just didn't want to make the investment twice, so to speak.

On another note,  I have an event next weekend where I will have to have someone else stop by to feed for me.  Is it ok to soak hay prior, drain and leave ready to be fed out?  There would be a couple of hours between drain and feeding. 

Thanks again,

Jenilee and Huck
NY, Oct 2013


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